AVR Microcontroller Board


  1. AVR Microcontroller Board Based on Atemga16 Controller
  2. Output Voltage: 12V
  3. Interfacing motor driver L293D IC
  4. Separate Header Is Provided For Positron USB-TTL Converter Dongle For Serial Communication And Programming (Dongle To Be Purchased Separately). Dongle Cost Rs150 Only


With AVR Micrcontroller Board, you can develop and prototype with Atemga 16 40 pin microcontrollers. AVR Micrcontroller Board integrates onboard LEDs, push button for inputand motor driver. Display to create a stand-alone versatile test platform. A user can easily engage in development on this platform.

  1. Available With Atmega16A (40 Pins Digital Io)
  2. All I/O Ports Can Be Externally Connected To Peripherals Using 10 Pin Headers (8 I/O + 5v + GND).
  3. 6v-12C DC Input Through Barell Type DC Socket
  4. Onboard Voltage Regulator 7805 IC, Power Led Indicator
  5. Reset Switch To Reset Microcontroller
  6. On Board Dc Motor Driver IC- L293D
  7. Eight LEDs For Digital Output
  8. Four Switches For Digital Input
  9. Eight Pin Lcd Header
  10. Inbuilt Programming Port For Programming Microcontroller Using Isp
  11. 12V AC Input (Through Two Pin Header)
  12. Supports Programming Ides Such As AVR Studio Etc.
  13. Tsop For IR Reciever (Optional)

Complimentary Extras With Development Board

  1. CD With AVR Studio Software For Compiling Assembly, C And Basic Language Codes.
  2. Datasheet Of Microcontrollers And Various Other Peripheral Ics
  3. Sample Codes In C Langauge Including-
    • Led Blink Patterns
    • Switch Interfacing
    • 7 Segment Interfacing
    • DC Motor Interfacing
    • Line Follower Using Two Sensors
    • Lcd Interfacing- Hello World
    • Serial Communication- Hello World

Package Contain: 1 AVR Microcontroller Board, 1 Manual CD