Quectel L80 TTL Only Modem (4V) with onboard patch antenna


Hardware Specifications

  • Small size PCB- 5cm*3.5cm
  • Quectel L80 ultra compact GPS POT
  • Voltage Supply- 3.7VDC to 4VDC
  • GPS- Tx output
  • Provision for External GPS Antenna



  • L80 has exceptional performance both in acquisition and tracking
  • Accurate timing for clocks and other systems from GPS
  • GPS Ultra low power consumption in tracking mode, 20mA

Unique Advantages

  • This device is completely our own development
  • Almost any modification that is possible can be done on custom requirement
  • Tested for reliability and ruggedness
  • Repairable
  • Made in India

Quectel L80 is an ultra-compact GPS POT (Patch on Top) module with an embedded patch antenna.  Adopted by LCC package and integrated with the patch antenna, L80 has exceptional performance both in acquisition and tracking. L80 supports automatic antenna switching function. It can achieve the switching between internal patch antenna and external active antenna. Moreover, it keeps positioning during the switching process.